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Laughter Heart  is a company that offers Humor Therapy, (aka Laughter Yoga)  workshops for professional and personal development.  Our  mission is to promote health, joy, and success through the practice of laughter.  

n today's economic hardships, the workplace paradigm has shifted to one where longer hours and fewer resources is the model of what it means to be motivated and productive.  This, coupled with trying to create a work-life balance, is truly taking a stressful toll on everyone.


Laughter is nature's most economical and instant stress buster.   Humor Therapy is a fun form of exercise that contains components such as deep breathing, clapping, laughter, and childlike playfulness.  It helps unwind the negative effects of stress, strengthen the immune system, and makes you feel good, empowered and energetic.

So let us help you experience the wonderfulness of Laughter.  We educate and share awareness of the importance of laughter and play as means to achieve great business and personal success.  There is no doubt that laughter is a gateway to a world of happiness, health and productivity.

Laughter  is something anyone can do and everyone can benefit from.

Start your journey to a more glowing
and happier you.


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