Our  mission is to promote health, joy, and success through  laughter.  Laughter Heart  is a company that can get you laughing with Laughter Yoga (aka Humor Therapy).  We offer workshops for individuals, professional development, and wherever you want to grow stronger.  

- Deep breathing increases :

    *  Oxygenation of the brain and


    *  Reduces stress and anxiety.

    *  Releases endorphines and

       natural ‘feel good hormones’.

-  Laughter Yoga is fun, interactive,

   and fun type of exercise.

-  Laughter enhances social bond

   with others.

Laughter Yoga is something anyone can do and everyone can benefit from.


laughter benefits

what is laughter yoga?

*Video created by Connie Costa from
Laugh and Live Well in Sydney Australia

Laughter Heart