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Butterflies are symbolic for their amazing transformation during the impressive process of metamorphosis.  Consider, for a moment, the amount of energy expended to make the change that renders it unrecognizable in the end.   The best part is the beauty and freedom butterflies have after flourishing from their cocoon.

Bubble-Flies  are bubbles with a purpose.  A clear tube of bubble formula, labeled with a task and directions and adorned with a bead or charm for the special purpose.   A helpful tool to release feelings (such as stress and sadness) share joys and happiness, (as does our bubbles of peace and love) and send messages to heaven and wish transporters.  A fun way to change the view around us and experience the beautiful magic of bubbles. 

Use your imagination and personalize your own message and purpose.  Great for any gatherings, celebrations, promotional advertising and any other ideas possible. 

Your time as a caterpillar has expired; your wings are ready!!

Bubbles with a Purpose



Personalized sample

view of Front and Back.

Laughter Heart