Laughter Heart


Wellness and Healing Programs

Laughing for the Health of It
Tickle your funny bone, release tension, and get a taste of free-flowing laughter with this fun workshop. Experience and learn practical tools that produce immediate results. Enjoy the liberating and empowering effect that proves laughter is the best medicine. It’s a great interactive stress-reliever and heart-pumping fun.

Healthy Hugging – 10 Reasons why we need at least 8 hugs a day
Research shows that proper deep hugs can be extremely beneficial in healing sicknesses, loneliness, depression and stress.  Beginning with a Hug Meditation, this workshop will help define the different types of hugs and learn about the healing benefits a hug can give to anyone. 

Turning over a new leaf in your tree of life
The beauty and life of a tree resembles the beauty and life within each of us.  Using a tree as an analogy, this workshop will help you learn and embrace your authentic self, how to face and overcome storms, and how you too can reach for the sky. 

*Note: (2.5 hour minimum or 3 part series)

**Workbook available for additional cost

Unpacking your Baggage
Are you carrying baggage from your past into your future?  Do you have Dream Limiters and Energy Drainers in your life?  How does stress and fear impact your forward motion?  Learn how to unpack your baggage so that you can move forward in a more positive and loving way while being your authentic self.

Healing Rose Ceremony
Roses are a symbol of love and through it’s touch and fragrance help us to connect with our essence.  The technique of the Healing Rose Ceremony originated Mexico.  The stories and experiences shared represent our connection with Mother Nature and the infinite possibilities of exploring an earth and heart connection.  During the ceremony, roses are placed on the body where they are drawn to.  Once there, the roses’ essence help to align, balance and heal what the body needs.  Each person will have their own experience and connection with their roses. This ceremony is relaxing, meditative, and inspiring. 

 *Note:  Participants bring their own dozen roses

Animal Communications
Ever wonder what experience in your pets life has left an imprint?  Why they may be behaving a certain way?  Want to connect with your pet and learn how to communicate with them?  Then here’s a workshop for you.  All animals give unconditional love.  Learning how to give them a voice and a gentle touch is all part of this wonderful experience.